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𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ° ALL HANDMADE 1/1 ðªð‘‚ ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °


Flourite - Useful in grounding & harmonizing Spiritual energy.

Blue Quartz - Enhances creativity & passion. Alleviates fear.

Freshwater Pearl - Tap into Inner Wisdom & Nurturing Love.


✵Antique Silver Hook & Silver Wire✵


All Waistbead's can be altered to be smaller or bigger! ;)

Upon purchasing please leave your waist measurement in the comments section or shoot me a message so that I can have it fitted for you before sending it out!

✶ deva ✶


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