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Herbal Apothecary

'*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'

Involves the craft of ;

growing, foraging,

extracting and infusing,

Plants & Herbs.

We use many different parts

of our plants to create products that

  nourish and heal 

·˚ ༘   from the inside out.  ·˚ ༘

 Utilizing both ;

dried & fresh herbs ,

to make our natural remedies.

Citrus Fruits

Check out our Herbal Dictionary !

"Fae Shea"
Body Butter

Our "Body Butter's" are essentially a creamier & more natural or holistic alternative to store bought lotions and skin soothers. All ingredients sourced & utilized in these butters have medicinal properties that include but do not limit to ; Restoring Moisture in Dry Skin, Skin Nourishment, Soothing Excema, Acting as an Anti-Inflammatory,  Replenishing Antioxidants , Reducing Hyper Pigmentation, Muscle Aches & Soreness Relief.
Each is made of a different recipe with the intention to aide in different experiences & lifestyles.
Curious about herbs & their healing properties? Check out our Herbal Dictionary to learn more!

We are under construction.
Come back to find more products soon!

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