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From Flower tip to Finger tip

This garden is home to

New Growth

Investing in Herbal Medecinë

Is Investing in You <3

⚘᠂ ⚘

✧・゚: *✧

Who Are We ?

Our Favorites!

We are harmony, 

 We are peace,

  Within You, Within Me.

We are energy, We are power

We are blessed by the hour.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air,

Spirit, will get us there.

We offer a variety of HerbalApothecary.


Herbal Apothecary

'*•.¸♡ ♡¸.•*'

Involves the craft of ;

growing, foraging,

extracting and infusing,

Plants & Herbs.

 Bring to life the healing “other”,

   As we acquire this incantation,

Intending to protect those who are,

Fighting for Black and Brown Liberation.

I call upon whoever you may see,

 What lies upon you, rests within me. 

Together, we take the steps,

  Divinely, Psychically, Unworldly...

Envision further connection 

Of community. <𝟛

⍣ ೋ I AM FAE ' ⍣ ೋ 

Our Intention is to 

invoke & evoke

healing in all.

Our newest jewelry collections are made with precious entities.

Being ;

Crystals, Freshwater Pearls,

Recycled Materials,

✧・゚: : ・゚✧



All Jewelry is 1/1

(only one of each is made).

Unless stated otherwise.


We do custom pieces as well!

If you are interested in ordering a customized piece ;

Please fill out our

Custom Order Form ;

listed below, and/or, on our

Spirit page.

Our Favorites!

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We offer lots of other treasures ,
Don't be shy ...

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